Welcome to St. Mark Parish! We are pleased you have joined, or are thinking about joining, our parish community of faith. St. Mark is a wonderful parish, full of various ministries, prayer groups, the Knights of Columbus, our St. Mark School and religious education program, as well as many social events, our adult and children’s choirs, and endless opportunities for you to jump in and share some fun, and faith, with us.

The Welcome Committee is composed of the Director of Welcome, plus ten women who gather every several months to go over ways to make parishioners feel welcome and acclimated to our parish. The Welcome Committee provides welcoming letters and gifts to new members, they host a “new parishioner” dinner, along with Father Birendra and Father Russ, in the rectory each January. The Welcome Committee hosts a Children’s Mass on the first weekend of February in honor of all the babies baptized in the church during the previous calendar year. Additionally, the Welcome Committee works in conjunction with the Social Committee hosting a “welcome” table at the Parish Picnic, and providing the wedding cake for the Anniversary Dinner held at the rectory yearly, and raffle baskets and other sundry items for use in fundraising events. The Welcome Committee also provides gifts for newly baptized babies and our newly married couples.

If you would like to become part of the Welcome Committee team, please feel free to reach out to Paula Mollica, Director of Welcome, at 203-377-0444, or email at pmollica@stmarkstfd.org.

All are welcome and we look forward to you and your family enjoying the fruits of friendship and faith at St. Mark!

God bless,
Paula Mollica
Director of Welcome