Christians of the Holy Land

The challenges created both by the COVID-19 pandemic and recent hostilities between Israel and the Gaza territory have created a dire situation for many Christians who live and work in the Holy Land. More specifically, many Christians make their livelihood in woodworking, creating statues that are sold to tourists who visit the holy sites of our Christian faith.  Needless to say, tourism has nearly disappeared in the Holy Land for over a year, creating true hardship in the lives of our Christian sisters and brothers. Bishop Caggiano has provided a flyer, which we have posted at the doors of the church and below for download, allowing us to purchase a hand-carved olive wood statue of Saint Joseph, blessed in the Holy Land with an official letter from Bethlehem.  The orders are to be mailed directly by you to “Christians of the Holy Land.” The address and order form are part of the flyer. The parish and Diocese are not collecting and processing the orders.


Christians of the Holy Land Flyer 1.82 MB 13 downloads