Mass Intentions & Readings for Week of May 3

Due to the ongoing suspensions of public Masses, new bulletins will not be printed, as there is not enough new information each week to justify doing so. Pertinent information regarding the intentions and readings for the week are below.

Mass Intentions for Saturday, May 2 through Sunday, May 10, 2020:

Fourth Sunday of Easter



  8:00      Special Intention for Doctors/Nurses/First Responders

                RB a Parishioner

  5:00     John Mezzoni

                RB Family


  7:30     Elizabeth Ross and Irene Bodo

                RB George and Patricia Ross

  9:00     Gerard Mohyde

                RB Carol Koletar

10:30     Mark Sennello

                RB Mom, Dad, and Family

12:00     Steinmetz Family

                RB Ray and Carol Metro


  8:00     Richard, Ruth, and Josephine Throp

                RB Janet Hilinski


  8:00     Ruth Curley

                RB Lynette and Bob Baroni


  8:00     Collective Intention


  8:00     Robert Canell

                RB Family


  8:00     Serafina D’Amato

                RB Daughter


  8:00     Special Intention for Father Birendra and Father Russ

                RB St. Mark Parish Family of Faith

  5:00     James and Teresa Milo

                RB Terry and Pat Mooney


  7:30     Ann Mollica and Isabelle Tedesco

                RB Michael and Paula Mollica

  9:00     Paul Nettleton

                RB Family

10:30     Maureen Dobbs Kelley and Colleen Kelley

                RB Family

12:00     John, Irene, and Thomas Izdebski

                RB Gary and Margaret Quiricone


Sanctuary Lamp Intention for May 2 – May 9, 2020:

The Sanctuary Lamp Glows in Memory of

AllPersons Who Have Passed Due to COVID-19

RB A Parishioner


Daily Readings:

Daily readings may be found on our home page, or here.